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quality-first, Family-owned, meat processing in East Tennessee.

We provide USDA and custom beef, pork, and lamb processing for your family or business in our inspected facility located at the base of Stone Mountain in Greeneville, TN.

Know where your meat comes from

USDA and custom meat processing

Beef Processing

Specialized cuts of steak, brisket, ribeye, roast, hamburger, and more.

Pork Processing

Carefully-packaged sausage, bacon, ham, ribs, chop, and more.

Lamb Processing

Options for chops, ribs, roast, legs, ground meat and more.

We provide USDA and custom beef, pork, and lamb processing for your business or family in our inspected meat processing facility here in Greeneville, TN. You provide the livestock and let us know your desired cuts by filling out our cut sheets below. We’ll handle everything from put down to packaging in a humane and clean environment. After your meat is cured and ready for consumption, you’ll return to pick up your packaged cuts.



Butchers you can trust



Processes, systems, and community-focused solutions come naturally for our father and son owners.


Dedicated to quality and community

We are hyper-focused on quality and safety because we know our local community members are counting on us.


Modern technology, traditional values

While we hold tight to old-fashioned service and values, we use modern technology for an efficient process.


Located in Greeneville, TN

Born and raised here, we are passionate about helping our neighbors provide for their families and local businesses.

In the News

Stone Mountain Meats

thank you from Stone Mountain Meats, voted the greeneville sun 2023 BEST meats / butcher shop

January 1, 2024

Stone Mountain Meats would like to extend an enormous THANK YOU to all our customers in Greene County and our surrounding areas. We have served a total of 391 customers in the past 12 months alone and we are grateful for your support. Our goal is to provide the…


May 30, 2023 | Bales Farm Podcast

Our special guest is Tim Fillers, owner/operator of Stone Mountain Meats.  Tim is our butcher and he gives us a glimpse into running a small processing facility.  Everything from what is involved in USDA inspection, to his daily grind (ha – see what we did there?) and what customers should look for when buying local beef…

Stone Mountain Meats

Stone Mountain Meats listed in TDA Licensed Custom Slaughter Operations

September 20, 2021 | Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Custom slaughter operations offer services for people who want an animal slaughtered or processed for their own personal use. The meat is cut, packaged, and labeled “not for sale.” These meats are returned to the owner of the animal (who may have bought it from the producer just before slaughter) and cannot be sold. People who…

Stone Mountain Meats

New Facility To Help Increase Meat Processing Capacity

March 20, 2021 | The Greeneville Sun

A need for more meat processing facilities for farmers in Tennessee arose during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, state government encouraged the establishment of new meat processing facilities, and a father and son in northern Greene County have…